Jimmy Kimmel at BAM Tickets Available Now

Jimmy Kimmel at BAM (Oct 29 – Nov 2)
Jimmy Kimmel at BAM

I’ve been watching this ticketing opp like a hawk, and I almost feel bad about posting about it because it will only decrease my chances of getting in. Anyway, as some of you may recall, Jimmy Kimmel is bringing his show to BAM, to mark the opening of the Brooklyn Nets NBA season (and the Barclays Center, I suppose). Up until a few hours ago, the 1iota ticketing page said tickets would be available “this summer,” but all of that has changed and you can apply for them now over here. There’s a catch though, you gotta send a personal email to TickleMeGuillermo@yahoo.com and tell him WHY you should be a part of the studio audience in Brooklyn. You need to include your name contact info in the email and be creative, specific and enthusiastic. As the site says, “YOU’VE GOTTA WRITE… FOR YOUR RIGHT… TO PARTY (WITH US IN BROOKLYN).” Good luck folks!

In other related news, Jimmy Kimmel recently got engaged and Jimmy Kimmel Live will be moving to the 11:35 time slot on ABC in January.