Series Finale of “Delocated” is Tonight!

Delocated (March 8 at 12:30 am on Adult Swim)

Don’t forget folks, the series finale of Jon Glaser’s Delocated is on tonight (Thu Night/Fri Morning) at 12:30 am on Adult Swim.

IT’S HERE. All the fanfare. All the build up. All the anticipation and excitement. It all ends tonight. Take some time to be alone today. Find a nice, quiet, peaceful spot. Gather your thoughts. Reflect on the past three seasons. Think about everything that’s happened, everything that’s lead up to this moment in time. And then tonight, at 12:30 – technically 12:30 tomorrow morning – sit back, relax, get focused, take a deep breath, exhale, take a bite of your sub, and then start to watch the series finale of Delocated. “The Frrt Identity”. [Delocated on Facebook]