New “Maron” Episode Streaming on YouTube, Book Out Today, New Series Debuts on Friday on IFC

Maron on IFC (05/03/13)

Marc Maron’s new eponymous series, Maron, premieres this Friday (May 3) on IFC. If you’d like a little sneak peek of the show, you can stream Episode 102, “Dead Possum”, on YouTube or at IFC’s Stream Room right now. Marc’s new book, Attempting Normal, also comes out today (April 30) via Spiegel & Grau.

Watch the full “Dead Possum” episode of Maron after the jump.

Maron – Internet Troll (May 3, 2013)
Marc is tormented by an abusive fan on Twitter. With his podcast guest Dave Foley in tow, Marc decides to teach one internet troll a lesson.