Fanfarlo Release New Single | New Record Coming Soon

“Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses)” – Fanfarlo

Bumpershine favorite, Fanfarlo, has a new song and a new album coming out soon. You can download their new single, “Myth of Myself”, at their website. Here’s what Simon had to say about it:

Dear everyone,

We finished a new album. It’s the best one we’ve made. It’s not out yet, but we wanted you to be the first we tell about this song that we’ve just put online, here:

‘Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses)’ is a rallying cry to (wo)man the barricades against the individual and all those who would have us believe this poisonous ruse. It is also the first song from our forthcoming third album, a record that in its own playfully serious / seriously playful way looks at human evolution and the weirdness of being this thing we call a person.

Though it lacks the jubilation of any of the songs on the first record, “Myth of Myself” has some of the same sweeping qualities that made Reservoir one of my favorite records of 2009. All in all, I like the song, and I’m looking forward to hearing more. No news of an album name, release date or US tour dates as of yet.

Fanfarlo summer festival tour dates after the jump.

Fanfarlo Summer 2013 Tour Dates
18 July 2013 Madrid Teatro Circo Price Spain
19 July 2013 Badajoz Festival Contemporánea Spain
20 July 2013 Barcelona Bona Nit Spain
18 August 2013 Brecon Beacons Green Man Festival United Kingdom