NYC Bookstore Events: October 2013

offerman gavin_mcleod

Hey folks, it’s October, and as you can see by the names listed below, IT IS ON at our local and big box stores. In other news, The New Yorker Festival is also happening this month.

Barnes & Noble NYC Events October 2013
10/02 Nick Offerman: Paddle Your Own Canoe (USQ)
10/02 Caryl M. Stern: I Believe in ZERO (Tri)
10/03 Jhumpa Lahiri: The Lowland (USQ)
10/04 Bill Bryson: One Summer America, 1927 (USQ)
10/05 Jim Carrey: How Roland Rolls (USQ)
10/07 John Freeman, Teju Cole: How to Read a Novelist (86th & Lex)
10/08 Al Sharpton: Rejected Stone (5th Ave 12PM)
10/09 Robin Quivers: The Vegucation of Robin (USQ)
10/09 Best American Short Stories (86th & Lex)
10/09 Jill Brooke: The Need to Say No (82nd & Bway)
10/10 Jessica Seinfeld: The Can’t Cook Book (86th & Lex)
10/14 George Pelecanos: The Double (86th & Lex)
10/15 Andre Dubus III: Dirty Love (86th & Lex)
10/15 Scott Turow: Identical (82nd & Bway)
10/15 Octavia Spencer: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit (82nd & Bway 4PM)
10/16 David Thomson: Moments That Made the Movies (82nd & Bway)
10/17 Malcolm Gladwell: David and Goliath (USQ)
10/18 Lincoln Peirce: Big Nate: I Can’t Take It! (86th & Lex)
10/21 Terry Teachout: Duke (86th & Lex)
10/21 Donald Fagen: Eminent Hipsters (USQ)
10/21 Brian May: Diableries (5th Ave 12PM)
10/21 Orr: My Story (Citi 12:30 PM)
10/22 Jenna Jameson: Sugar (5th Ave 12PM)
10/22 Wally Lamb: We Are Water A Novel (82nd & Bway)
10/23 Tom Standage: Writing on the Wall Social (Tri)
10/23 Alan Greenspan: The Map and The Territory Risk (USQ)
10/24 Gavin MacLeod: This Is Your Captain Speaking (82nd & Bway)
10/24 J.M. Hirsch: Beating the Lunch Box Blues (USQ)
10/24 Tori Spelling: Spelling It Like It Is (Citi 1:30 PM)
10/24 Official Broadway Cast Recording: Matilda (86th & Lex)
10/25 Ray Davies: Americana (USQ)
10/29 Artie Lange: Crash and Burn (5th Ave 12PM)
10/29 Pete Hamill: The Christmas Kid And Other Brooklyn Stories (Tri)
10/30 Rebecca Eaton: Making Masterpiece (86th & Lex)

Housing Works
10/03 DISH: The New Persian Kitchen, Rosie Schaap, Breuckelen Distilling, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
10/16 Bridget Jones Is MAD ABOUT THE BOY: Helen Fielding and Vogue’s Valerie Steiker
10/17 The Moth StorySLAM: Enthusiasm
10/21 The Last Banquet: Stories of Obsession and a Discussion with Jonathan Grimwood and More
10/22 Live From Home with Julie Roberts
10/24 The Moth StorySLAM: Home
10/26 Then and Now: A History and Pop Culture Book Group – THE DISAPPEARING SPOON
10/29 Will Work For Free: Breaking Down the Intern Economy with Ross Perlin and More
10/31 The New Venetian Halloween Carnival: With Special Guest Jean-Christophe Valtat