The Black Keys’ New Album Is Not Streaming

Were you looking for El Camino on Spotify, Rdio, MOG, or Rhapsody today? Well, if you had a hard time finding it, turns out there was a good reason. The latest Black Keys album, El Camino, is not available on Spotify, Rdio, or Rhapsody, despite an official release this morning. The album is, however, available…

MOG All Access Music Streaming Music Service Goes Live Today

For a streaming music service, I’ll admit it looks pretty impressive. Check out the video preview of MOG’s new All Access Music Service below. The folks over at TechCrunch are in love with this thing and they are currently giving away free one month subscriptions at their site. I haven’t tried it myself, but as…

MOG Says It Will Pay Affiliates at End of Month

According to an email I received today, MOG MMN says affiliates should “expect to receive payments” at the end of the January (which is like net 90, as opposed to the originally proposed net 120). We’ll see what happens I guess.

MOG “Clarifies” New Affiliate Payment Terms

Just received this email today from Andrei Marinescu, Director of Business Development at MOG regarding the switch from net 60 to net 120 terms for affiliate payments. Dear affiliates, I, and the rest of the MMN team, have received and answered a number of emails expressing understandable concern regarding the change in MMN payment terms….

MOG MMN Institutes 120 Day Holds for Affiliate Payments

MOG to Affilate: “I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday, four months from now.” From an email dated Thursday, Dec 18, 2008: While demand for advertising on MMN continues to be strong, we are seeing a distinct slowdown in advertiser-issued payments. Regrettably, MOG doesn’t have the luxury of paying out affiliates before advertiser payments are collected….