MOG All Access Music Streaming Music Service Goes Live Today

For a streaming music service, I’ll admit it looks pretty impressive. Check out the video preview of MOG’s new All Access Music Service below.

The folks over at TechCrunch are in love with this thing and they are currently giving away free one month subscriptions at their site. I haven’t tried it myself, but as a member of the MOG MMN Network (that’s what we call disclosure people), I get a free account, so I’ll give it a shot later on today. Other curious users, can get a free 1 hour (!) trial membership over here.

A little ditty not stated in the TechCrunch article or their press release is that there is “a mobile component coming out later this year [it’s already December -ed.] that will allow full, on-demand listening through mobile devices like your iPhone and Blackberry”. As I am generally not a big streamer of music at my computer, the potential for portability, albeit still tied to a streaming service, is really what makes this whole thing appealing to me.

Check out the full press release for the MOG All Access Music Service after the jump.

MOG All Access Puts Music in the Cloud: A Huge Library of All-You-Can-Eat, On-Demand Music

Better On-Demand Listening, Radio and Discovery Tools Combine to Deliver the Best Music Experience on the Web

BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ — MOG (, the Web’s premier music blogging destination, today launched MOG All Access, a premium digital music service that delivers the best music experience on the Web. MOG All Access builds on the powerful MOG blog network, already home to more than 10 million music fans, and provides people with a single destination to enjoy millions of songs from all the major recording labels as well as indies, with the ability to dive deep into music content ranging from news and reviews to playlists and lyrics. MOG All Access debuts in North America and will launch in Europe next year; mobile applications will release early next year.

MOG All Access is an on-demand service that lets members store their music in the cloud with no need to download a client application to the desktop. Subscribers can log in to their account from any browser to access more than six million songs licensed from thousands of indie labels and all four major labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Music. Subscription is $5 per month for unlimited music listening and playlist creation, with no restrictions on what subscribers can hear and when. Mobile applications are planned for early next year.

Key Features:

* Better On-Demand – MOG All Access offers the best on-demand service available. With MOG’s Fastsearch, users can quickly listen to any artist, album, or song within seconds – without having to surf web pages. MOG provides a vast library of songs that ranges from the hottest pop songs to the most obscure tunes. Test it out with something hard to find. The service is so fast that it feels like the six million songs are stored on your hard drive.

* Better Radio – MOG Radio is the first listening experience that blurs the lines between active and passive listening. Simply type in a song, band or album that suits your mood. To expand the selection, just slide the slider from “Artist Only” to “Similar Artists” and MOG’s powerful music recommendation algorithm will quickly fill the queue with recommended tunes. Unlike competitive services the full queue is on display and easy to navigate so go ahead and skip forward or replay songs you like, you can even save your favorites directly from the radio. It’s easy: If you like a song you are hearing, simply click “Save” and any song on the radio will be stored in your Library with all your favorite songs and playlists. If there’s a song on MOG Radio and you want to hear the whole album, it’s just one click away. Unlike many of the free music services, there are no restrictions on how many songs can be played, or how often an artist or song can be played. In fact, it’s the first service to offer “Artist Only” radio, so if you want to hear Michael Jackson radio – playing only Michael songs – don’t stop till ’til you get enough.

* Better Discovery – Need some inspiration? Browse the public playlists to find out what everybody else is digging. MOG uses an algorithm to identify and highlight the most popular and most played lists. Whether created by dear friends, favorite musicians and celebs, or music junkies you only know through MOG, the playlists are a great way to learn about new music. Feel free to dive deeper or get specific: do a search for “dinner parties” with “Miles Davis” to check out the most popular dinner party playlists featuring your favorite musician. Editorial content accessed through the blog network is also a great way to learn more about new music, and dig up more info on a favorite artist or song.

“MOG All Access was created by music lovers for music lovers,” said David Hyman, founder and CEO of MOG. “Our goal is to offer the best experience for listening, sharing and discovering music by creating a simple, smart, intuitive interface. The labels recognized the value of what we were doing and were supportive from the beginning. Now, we’re excited to deliver this to music fans everywhere.” But, MOG won’t stop there. The next step will be to maximize availability of the service through a variety of distribution points. According to Hyman, “We’re already meeting with carriers and ISPs to discuss partnerships.”

Free trial and membership giveaways

Curious music fans can sample MOG All Access with no strings attached thanks to a one-hour free trial that requires no payment information or other commitments.

Music fans can also follow @mogdotcom on Twitter to find out about contests offering lifetime MOG All Access memberships and prizes. To sign up for MOG All Access, visit

A video tour of the service can be viewed at:

About MOG

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA., MOG was founded in June 2005 by David Hyman, former CEO of Gracenote, former SVP-Marketing at MTV Interactive, co-founder of Addicted to Noise, and self-proclaimed music junkie. Grammy-winning record producer, Rick Rubin, named by Time Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World,” is a member of MOG’s Board of Directors. Investors include Menlo Ventures, Simon Equity Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music. For more information go to

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