The Amazing Stephen Colbert

Just when I thought the Entertainment Weekly cover couldn’t be topped, this comes along. The Amazing Spider-Man #573 Variant Cover In Amazing Spider-Man No. 573, which goes on sale Oct. 15, Mr. Colbert, above, appears alongside the red-and-blue wall-crawler in an eight-page story. The issue finds Mr. Colbert at a sparsely attended rally with J….

Colbert, Rakoff, Mandvi, Ferris and More at Symphony Space

Sorry folks, I was little late on this one. A Night at the Office Wednesday, October 15 at Symphony Space Stephen Colbert, David Rakoff (This American Life contributor) and Aasif Mandvi (Daily Show correspondent), take on the competitive, convivial, pleasurable, cramped, fun and stressful world of work. Dark and funny tales by Joshua Ferris (And…

Fist Bump!

Surely one of the greatest magazine covers of the year.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Photos: Kristopher Long This year, Stephen Colbert is teaming up with Elvis Costello, Feist, Willie Nelson, Jon Stewart and many others for a Christmas special to remember. Comedy Central Insider has the details: Holy moly. I was already excited for the Colbert Christmas special, but these new details are amazing. Jesus is about to have…

Stephen Colbert Stands in Solidarity with Bill O’Reilly

You may have heard about the Bill O’Reilly flip out on Inside Edition that has been circulating the Internets as of late. Well, the other day Stephen Colbert stood up for Papa Bear on The Colbert Report and backed up his words with a broadcast of some previously unseen footage. Check out the clip below.

A Late Night Comedy Brawl

Not sure if you have been following the late night comedy feud between Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien but it all came to a head on Monday night on Conan’s show with somewhat humourous results. Take a look at what happened below: In fact, their fake battle royal has reached such epic proportions,…