The Demise of the Major Record Labels; Now Exclusively at Wal-Mart!

  What’s this? Journey put a new record out and I wasn’t informed? On Tuesday Wal-Mart started selling on an exclusive basis a three-disc collection by the popular 1980s band Journey called “Revelation.” The difference, however, is that there is no middleman: the album was bought directly from the band without the help of a…

iTunes is No. 1 (in music sales)

Photo: thomasexciting Apple today announced that the iTunes Store surpassed Wal-Mart to become the number one music retailer in the US, based on the latest data from the NPD Group*. With over 50 million customers, iTunes has sold over four billion songs and features the world’s largest music catalog of over six million songs.

iTunes is No. 2

Look out Wal-Mart, Stevie’s breathing down your neck. iTunes is now the second-largest overall music retailer — online or offline — in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart, according to research the NPD Group released yesterday. After Wal-Mart and iTunes, the top music retailers in 2007 were Best Buy, Target and Amazon, in descending order….