More Hipster Hype

My friends at academy records tell me armor for sleep is currently one of the most requested CD’s in the store. You (and the rest of the hipsters) can check them out tonight at the Knitting Factory.

Here’s my 2 cents
I’m streaming it now, first impressions; overproduced crap. The songs start off promising (just guitar), but then they turn into layers of shit production. They have such an american sound, it’s such a throwback to bad 80’s hair metal, but not even a comical way, like The Darkness. Judging from the website and the song lyrics, these guys take themselves far too seriously, but maybe that’s what people want. It’s like Ozzy Ozbourne, but with a more disco vibe. Bloody awful. Now that I’ve heard it, my only surprise is that it’s not on a major label.