Hootie, how far have you fallen?

Have it your way Hootie

I was watching Live TV last night (not normal for my DVR loving self) and I saw Hootie (Darius Rucker) in a Burger King commercial. He was dressed up in a ridiculous howdy doody cowboy outfit and he was singing about burgers (or maybe it was fries). I was like man, when you released “Cracked Rear View” and it sold 14 million copies, did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you would be shilling for the man like this. In a related thought, shouldn’t you just be able to view all current commercials for Burger King at their website, it’s advertising for chrissakes, I shouldn’t have to hunt it down.

You can try and view it here (I think you have to pay): adland


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  2. Simon Peacemaker says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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