Hearts Bumpershine

Welcome Friends,

Frequent reader and contributing commentator Bobby Taco alerts me that this little Web Log or “Blog” as some people refer to it, has made it into the big leagues. That’s right, officially called us up for a cup of coffee today. Jeez, maybe I should get some ads going on this thing, get myself a little of them pay-per-click Benjamins, know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, aside from the prestige, and sure to be forthcoming book and TV offers, the upside of this nod is perhaps that I’ll be seeing a few more folks around The ‘Shine, (as those in the know like to call it), in the future. The downside is, now that you have all signed up to be seatfillers, you’re all gonna get notice of the next opportunity at the same time as me, casting me off like a used banana peel in the process . I should probably tell you, if you’re just signing up to be a seatfiller for the Fashion Rocks show today, it’s probably too late for you, you’ll just have to catch Tim McGraw next time he is in town. The upside of all this is, you can catch Iron and Wine and The Hold Steady at NYU’s Skirball Center for free tonight (if you’re an NYU student, or you know a student, or if you like a student, or whatever).

Here’s my story from the time I was a seatfiller at The Grammys
Here are my Arcade Fire pics from the Irving Plaza show