Bowie plays with Arcade Fire at Summerstage

Well, the band from Montreal continues to astonish and attract an even higher profile as the months (and years) pass since their debut record was released. Why have they not faded from the public’s imagination? No new record, (I’m not counting the Six Feet Under single or the EP), no new tour, (not counting Fashion Rocks gig or this one-off Summerstage show), but they continue to be the darling of both the fans and the critics alike. Can I tell you, I just don’t get it. The album is good, but not great, many others I heard last year were better. While the live shows are enjoyable, the songs lack lyrical maturity. Being on TV and getting in bed with David Bowie lets a whole new legion of fans “discover you” I suppose, but I’m not still not swallowing it. On the other hand, who am I to bad mouth my fellow countrymen from Quebec, vive le Canada!

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PS Wolf Parade is the next Arcade Fire.

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  1. bobby taco says:

    yeah, those fruits need to pack up their shit and head back up to the land of syrup. the shit is boring. no one cares about david bowie either, he was cool is 1972 when he was painting his face silver, but that’s the extent of it. fuck em.

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