Al Franken & Tom Davis at UCB

After reading “Live From New York” by Tom Shales, I became familiar with Franken & Davis’ exploits from the early SNL days. From the tone of the book, it seemed like they would probably never work together again, so this should prove to be an interesting interview/show.

w/Al Franken & Tom Davis

This month, onstage together for the first time in 16 years, original Saturday Night Live writing team Franken & Davis! Al Franken & Tom Davis! Franken & Davis!

A cross between Charlie Rose and This Old House, minus the interruptions and power tools, Inside Joke answers the question “What makes people laugh?” without ever asking it.

Hosted by Carl Arnheiter
Crowd-roiling by Dave Thunder

Tickets at the UCB website (if they’re not gone already)
Monday, September 19