My Name is Earl, The Office and Lost

Maybe because I had basically seen the entire first episode of My Name is Earl in the commercials leading up to it, I didn’t really think it was that great. We’ll see about next week, I’m willing to give it another chance. The Office on NBC was back with a vengeance, the first episode did not disappoint, the Dundee awards were splendid (my favorite award was for the tragically misspelled “bushiest beaver”). Next week, Michael Scott is visited by the Finch character, (called Todd Packer in the US version), played David Koechner of Anchorman fame. Lost left me wanting more, as it always does. My only concern is that the storyline is getting too untenable, as if monsters on an island weren’t already improbable enough.

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  1. bobby taco says:

    is earl the ‘stink palm’ dude from mallrats?

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