Steve Buscemi and Friends + Musical Guest in Brooklyn Tonight

A very special evening featuring actors Steve Buscemi with Aida Turturro (Janice Soprano – Sopranos) & John Ventimiglia (Johnny Sac – Sopranos), dynamic performer/directors working in independent theater and film today.

“Interview”, to be directed by Buscemi, is the story of a star political journalist who must interview a popular soap opera actress against his will.

The actors will be reading excerpts from screenplays of current remakes of films by late Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Excerpts will also be read from a third Van Gogh screenplay “06”, the tale of two people who meet on a phone sex hotline and develop a relationship without ever meeting. Originally nominated for a Dutch academy award in 1994, “06” is set to be directed by Bob Balaban. All three films, planned as a trilogy, are presently being shot on digital video and set for release in early 2006.

As an added bonus, stay tuned after the readings for a musical performance by a special mystery guest.

Issue Project House (400 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY)
8:00 p.m., $20 — reservations recommended.

via Productshopnyc who also adds that Stanley Tucci and Bob Balaban will be there.