New Music – The Long Winters

I recently picked up the new Long Winters album, Putting The Days To Bed. Here is the track listing for those of you who are interested:

1. Pushover
2. Fire Island
3. Teaspoon
4. Hindsight
5. The Sky Is Open
6. Honest
7. Clouds
8. Rich Wife
9. Ultimatum (new version)
10. Departure
11. Seven

It’s a decent album, but I don’t think I’m hearing greatness. I’ve had a few listens and nothing really stands out, there just isn’t much of an edge here, (maybe it will play better live, who knows). I think the main problem with this album is that lacks direction, it seems like they couldn’t decide on what their core sound was and what came out was a warmed over pop album (but hey, what do I know, people love Fountains of Wayne). The new version of Ultimatum, is, in my opinion, a disappointment. They took what was a nice song and turned it into a generic rocker.