Is Mogging The New Blogging?

Well, we’ll see how this MOG thing plays out. I signed up, but have yet to download the MOG-O-MATIC, perhaps I will later. In any event, you can view my mog profile here.

What you will learn:

My First Concert:
The Fixx at Winnipeg Arena

My First LP:
REO SpeedwagonHigh Infidelity

My First CD:
Roger WatersThe Wall

Eh, it’s a bit buggy now, so I have noticed. Here’s what Reuters (Yahoo! News) has to say about MOG. Stereogum is on MOG! Where are you BrooklynVegan? Productshop? GVB?

Update: I take my light criticism about the bugs back, this shit should be alpha, not beta. It’s so buggy, it’s practically a hornets nest.