ICE Closes Its Doors

Not exactly sure when this happened, (sometime this month according to the homepage), but the new releases bible, ICE Magazine, has closed its doors. Though often not right on the money with the dates, ICE was a always a good source of information for new releases and reissues, (just to clarify, I blame the record companies for that, not ICE). On a sentimental note, it’s always sad to see one of the old guard go down, especially when it’s a magazine as maniacally dedicated to music as ICE was. I subscribed for a time, and I always enjoyed reading it, but unfortunately, (for both of us), I just couldn’t justify the cost of renewal. It would have been nice if ICE could have made the transition to the web a little more smoothly, their website was never much for looking at, and I don’t need to tell you, it may have been able to save them, or at least give them a longer lease on life. I remember actually, back in the day, Pitchfork used to run a new releases section on their site, and my guess is, it’s a tough thing to maintain, (especially with the explosion of indie labels now). Well, you ask, where do I go for new release information now that ICE is gone? The answer is, I go here, mostly (hit ctrl-end to look at the very bottom of the page).