Fox to Offer Downloadable Content

FOX is launching a new video service on its IGN and MySpace websites called Direct2Drive, where television programs and movies will be available for download. Television programs such as 24, Prison Break, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can be downloaded within 24 hours of airing on the network. The cost for each episode is the industry standard $1.99. Movies, such as X-Men, The Omen, Garfield, and Thank You For Smoking will be available for download on the same day that the DVDs are released. The cost for a movie is $20.

These downloads can only be played on devices that run Windows Media Player, which means not on your iPod. However, a quick perusal of the iTunes Music Store shows that all of these TV shows are already available for download on your iPod, so I guess the news here is really that the movies won’t be available on your iPod. However, as some TV Squad commenters have pointed out, $20 for a download only movie is a little steep, especially when Fox should probably be paying to watch dreck like Garfield.