New Music

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted under the new releases column, here’s what has come in lately:

Chad VanGaalenSkelliconnection
I still can’t decide on this guy, I didn’t really like the first record, which other people loved, and I am not so impressed with my first listen to this new one either. Once again, other people are raving about it. I guess I will reserve final judgement until a later date, but ah you know, I rarely update these blurbs.

Joanna NewsomYs
A challenge for fans, but surely better on record, than on solo harp. Maybe with a full band, the live experience would go down a little easier.

Bob WisemanTheme and Variations
A fine Canadian artist.

Leeroy StaggerDepression River
The latest release from the folks at Boompa Records.

Bob DylanModern Times
Another fine record from Mr. Zimmerman.

Sarah McLachlanWintersong
Yet another tossed off compilation of B-sides and covers from the Canada’s once favourite chanteuse.