The Sound of Young America Live in NYC

The Sound of Young America, one of my favorite independent podcasts is coming to NYC on November 10th. Tickets can be purchased for only $10 here.

The lineup looks pretty good:

8PM show
An interview with David Wain (Stella, The State, The Ten)
Standup from Heather Lawless (Variety Shac)
Monologue from Mike Daisey (“One of the finest solo performers of his generation.” – The New York Times)
Hip-Hop Group Tanya Morgan

10PM show
An inteview with Kurt Andersen (WNYC’s “Studio 360,” co-founder of Spy Magazine, co-editor of “Spy Magazine: The Funny Years”)
Songs from Jonathan Coulton (Comic singing-songwriting sensation and foil to John Hodgman)
A sketch from Elephant Larry (Sketch comedy superstars)

Jesse, I am posting this despite the fact that you never responded to my email about Elvis Costello’s Radio Sweetheart. Do you feel shame now that you are reading this free bit of awesome publicity?


  1. JesseThorn says:

    I did too email you back! Didn’t I? I always do. I thought.

    Seriously: I would use Bowie, Costello and Nation of Ulysses (the three big suggestions I get), but I could never afford it.

  2. bumpershine says:

    I forgive you Jesse, looking forward to the show.
    – ed.

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