Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons Never Expire

Yes, really, it’s true. Don’t throw out that long stale BB & B coupon because it’s still good, no matter what the expiry date says. Last night I made a purchase at the venerable home outfitter and as I handed over my 20% off coupon, I took a glance at the expiry date, I was almost embarrassed when I saw April 2004! No matter though, it was accepted with a smile. The other thing you should know about the triple B is that they have a very liberal return policy, you can return almost anything at any time, and you will get store credit at the very least.

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  1. Marshall Beatty says:

    Not true in all cases! I took a coupon into a Eugene,Oregon Bed, Bath & Beyond that was expired by 3 months and they would not accept it. Quite sad, as I’d read all over that BB&B would always take expired coupons.

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