3 New CBC Radio Podcasts

Radio 3 Podcasts

CBC Radio 3 is happy to announce the arrival of the R3-30, the New Music Canada Track of the Day podcast and the CBC Radio3 Sessions podcasts!

The Superfeed – All 4 podcasts

The R3-30 Podcast
A weekly one-hour countdown of the best in new music according to CBC Radio 3. Hosted by Craig Norris and producer Pedro Mendes, the R3-30 includes blogger and listener picks, Chartbreakers (patent pending), and of course, loads of amazing new music.

The New Music Canada Track of the Day
Each weekday, one of our hosts at CBC Radio 3 will play a track he or she is passionate about and tell you why you give it a listen.

CBC Radio 3 Sessions
CBC Radio 3 Sessions features two of Canada’s most happening bands per show. We find them, invite them in, feed them some doughnuts, and press the record button. The music is live off the floor, contains no overdubs or studio trickery, and features the band at their performance best.