$50 Off Fresh Direct Six Month Unlimited Delivery Pass

Delivery Pass

FreshDirect is offering their 6 month unlimited delivery pass for $50 (regularly $99), visit www.freshdirect.com/deliverypass and add DeliveryPass to your cart. Enter the promo code: FDDELIVERS51 at checkout and we’ll deduct $50 from your total (offer expires March 31, 2007). You also get a coupon for two free Grilled Thin-Crust Pizzas after you purchase your DeliveryPass ($15.99 value).

This is actually a great deal (I went for it a few months ago); a Delivery Pass also gives you option of reserving a weekly delivery time slot.

UPDATE: This code is targeted.


  1. Annoyed customer says:

    Freshdirect has started linking coupons to specific user accounts, so this one will not work for loyal Freshdirect customers. They sent out 3 sets of coupons – some for $50 off, some for $30 off, and some for free pizzas only.

  2. bumpershine says:

    Hey “Annoyed Customer”, I feel your pain. If you have the other codes, please send them on, I’d like to post them.

  3. Annoyed customer says:

    I have not been able to find any codes that will work for me. SLICE (not sure if caps or lowercase) gets 2 free pizzas for people who have already bought the deliverypass. FREECHICKEN is a recent one that worked for people to whom it was emailed.

  4. FD Employee says:

    stop trying to steal our promotions. we had enough support calls aready. if you need some money off try this promotion code: DOLLAR (in caps)

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