Kelly Clarkson Makes Good Career Moves

I don’t know how I let this one get by.

Kelly Clarkson

Just two days after parting ways with her manager, Kelly Clarkson has canceled her upcoming summer tour over disappointing ticket sales, yet another sign of turmoil as she prepares to release her third album, My December.
[Washington Post/AP]

Clarkson also reportedly refused a $10 million dollar offer from Clive Davis to remove five songs from her forthcoming album and replace them with other songs, which he believed had more selling ability. [PopCrunch]

What’s this world coming to? Has America abandoned its idols?


  1. Philip says:

    kelly clarkson is amazing on so many levels. It is really sad to see her label to treat her like that. She is indeed one of the best voices in the world, she has proved she can SING ANYTHING!!! I think who cares if her new stuff is not as commercial as her previous but hey people love it when an artist sings music that is real. That is what the radio world lacks, which is REAL music that people can relate with. Kelly Clarkson will be around for a long time. So i think if her lable backs her up she will be fine, So to Clive Davis, come on man, Kelly knows what she is doing. We her fans love her and have lots of faith in all that she does. Breakaway was the same way, people didnt necessarily love it for the songs on the radio but for the Album as a whole. She is Phenominal and she will prove that when people her My December as a Whole!!! Lots of love to Kelly Clarkson!!!


    Chicago’s #1 Kelly Clarkson Fan
    Philip Leodoro

  2. bumpershine says:


    Thanks for letting your opinion be heard, it’s really refreshing to hear an honest voice in these comments, as opposed to the usual paid industry shills.

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