EA’s Rock Band

EA’s Rock Band (via JOYSTIQ)
EA's Rock Band

Hot on the heels of the Guitar Hero franchise, this upcoming Electronic Arts title is expected to kill the game that inspired its creation. This music simulator includes not just a guitar, but also bass, drums and vocals for a full band experience. The game also has an online component, allowing players to meet up virtually for competition, as well as weekly full album downloads, starting with the Who’s Who’s Next. [Trendcentral.com]

Little Steven, the head of Rock Band’s music advisory board, said “I don’t endorse much. In fact, I don’t endorse anything. But I’m behind this game, as it’s really fun and it will change things. It’s going to help up and coming musicians, although you don’t have to be a musician to enjoy it. It will bring people together and will be a major part of the future of rock and roll.”

The demo ended to massive applause. One attendee said “Karaoke and Guitar Hero are screwed.” [Next Generation]