Daniel Kitson @ Union Hall

British comedian and storyteller Daniel Kitson killed for almost two hours on Sunday night with his new show, “It’s The Fireworks Talking”.

Daniel Kitson @ Union Hall (July 29, 2007)
Daniel Kitson

One more picture after the jump.

Daniel Kitson


  1. keith h. says:

    nice! i wish i had a photo from his mo pitkins show b/c it was his first proper haircut in a decade, he said. but just a brilliant show.

  2. kelllie says:

    what does it say on his shirt?

  3. bumpershine says:

    It’s a shirt from 826 NYC (Dave Eggers’ Superhero Store). He said right off the bat that he wasn’t pandering to the local (Park Slope) crowd, he just didn’t have any clean clothes left.

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