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The Music Hall of Williamsburg
Music Hall of Williamsburg

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Just snuck in to the last few minutes of Against Me! at the brand new Music Hall of Williamsburg last night. It’s a different room completely, the risers are gone, the (VIP only) balcony has been added, elevated platforms have been added to each side of the room, the ceiling has been completely redesigned, the stage seems bigger, and the room is a lot more open in general. The place is still under construction, (as you might have guessed), and I almost didn’t recognize the club from the outside with new doors and all, but all in all I think the redesign is a net positive for concertgoers. I’m sure there are little annoying things I didn’t notice, but I’ll leave those gripes for my next review. Renovations and all, the former Northsix certainly doesn’t have the look of a posh club or anything at this point, although who knows, I suspect some of the plywood flooring may be eventually replaced with something a little nicer. Oh yeah, I just kind of noticed the bar on my left as an afterthought on my way out, it seemed pretty small, but I imagine there is something bigger lurking downstairs maybe? Clue me in the comments if you like.

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Music Hall of Williamsburg

I got a couple of pics of the actual show after the jump, but seeing as I was late and pretty far back they are not so great either.

Against Me!

Against Me!


  1. pace says:

    holy crap, clean your lens

  2. bryan says:

    the specks aren’t from a dirty lens – there was a lot of dust and moisture in the air that was hard to avoid when using a flash.

    nice job catching me up in the VIP, Dave. hah.

  3. bumpershine says:

    It’s not the lens, it’s light distortion (or construction dust). Hey Bryan, that shot was a total accident.

  4. Dfactor says:

    All the blather about the room? Who cares? What about the sound emanating from the stage? Who rocked?

  5. bumpershine says:

    I literally only caught about 1 and half songs of Against Me! As far as I can tell, they are a punk band. As for the blather about the room, I think people wanted to hear about it a little today.

  6. Dfactor says:

    Tis true. You’re right. The room and the bouncers is the chatter today. 🙂

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