RIP Michael Jackson | Long Live The Beerhunter

Michael Jackson
The enduring legacy of Michael Jackson, who has died aged 65, will be that he elevated beer from the belief that it is a simple refresher to its true status as one of the world’s great alcoholic drinks, with a long tradition and deep roots in the history and culture of many societies. Jackson was a tireless writer and lecturer. He showed to the millions who read his books, heard his talks or watched his television programmes and videos that beer comes in many styles and is often made with the addition of fruit, herbs and spices alongside malt and hops. He broke beer free from the narrow concepts of ale and lager and revealed the myri ad varieties available, some – such as the lambic beers of Belgium or the sati beers of Finland – so obscure they might have disappeared but for his enthusiastic support. [The Guardian]

See what I did there with that Michael Jackson thing? You were probably thinking about this guy. Wait, I did it again!