$40 Off FreshDirect Delivery Pass + Free Pizza

$40 Off Your FD Delivery Pass

This code is targeted at limited group of previous DeliveryPass holders only, so your mileage may vary. -ed.

Visit www.freshdirect.com/deliverypass and add DeliveryPass, at $99, to your cart. Enter the promo code FDDELIVERS43 at checkout for $40 off your order. Offer expires on October 31, 2007.

Plus, Get a Free Grilled Thin-Crust Pizza!
After your new DeliveryPass becomes active, you will receive a coupon code good for a free Grilled Thin-Crust Mozzarella Pizza ($7.99 value).


  1. Teresa says:

    Wanted to subscribe to Delivery Pass for the first time and tried this code, but it didn’t work – said it wasn’t valid. 🙁

  2. ach says:

    I am a previous DeliveryPass holders. Still did not work – code invalid :'(

  3. Frosty says:

    Not only does it not work, but their customer service doesn’t even know what to do about it, and that’s after 20 on hold. I finally gave up and got my meat and groceries from breadnbrie.com. Use my code NEWYORK, they offer $30 off without any gimicks limitations. Quality is superb and they have green delivery. Nice change over all the hassles that i’m used to with FD.

  4. bumpershine says:

    Hey Frosty, this coupon does work, but only for a limited group of previous DeliveryPass holders. It’s nice to hear some impartial reviews of breadnbrie.com as well.

  5. K says:

    Hey… did the old “new name, new credit card” and got $25 off with your time warner code. Anyway, they sent me these… i don’t know if any of them will work for old customers, but it’s worth a shot:
    3rd order: Pizza07 for mozzerella pizza -OR- chicken07 for rotisserie chicken
    4th order: salmonplank for salmon w/ pomegranate glaze -OR- limesteak for lime&cumin skirt steak
    5th order: freerosa for veggie enchiladas -OR- tbsalmon for morrocan spiced salmon
    Good luck!

  6. wavedeva says:

    Renewed my Delivery Pass early Monday morning, used promo code FDDELIVERS43 and got $40 off. Thanks much!

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