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Jonathan Ames
Jonathan Ames
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In 2004, author and part time pugilist Jonathan Ames wrote and acted in a pilot for Showtime. To date, that pilot has not aired. Tomorrow (Dec. 18), all of that will change.

The twisted, sexually offbeat memoir by author Jonathan Ames becomes this original adaptation about the sexual peccadilloes of the writer (playing himself) as he experiences masculinity first hand and lives to write about it. Based on Ames’ inflammatory, exquisitely worded, and often tastelessly brilliant columns for the “New York Press.” []

Here’s what Jonathan himself had to say about it (on his MySpace blog):

Dear Kindly People On Myspace,

Three years ago, I wrote and acted in a TV pilot for the Showtime network.

This pilot, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?, which is based on my memoir of the same title, is now being broadcast as a thirty-minute short film by Showtime this Tuesday, December 18th, at 11:30 pm, and will also be shown on a few other nights.

Here is a link to Showtime’s schedule of WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?:

And here is the schedule, should you not want to follow the link:

Showtime Dec 18 11:30 PM
Showtime Showcase Dec 19 1:25 AM
Showtime Too Dec 20 4:30 AM
Showtime Too Dec 26 3:15 AM

It will also be available ‘on demand’ from 12/19 to 1/15.

So should you have Showtime, perhaps you will tune in, as they say.

All the best,

Jonathan Ames

PS It was a hard-fought battle, but I did win my boxing match back in July against the talented writer-boxer Craig Davidson.

PPS I have a longish short story, “Bored to Death,” in McSweeney’s 24.

PPPS I’ve been in Iowa this past fall and I got to shake Barack Obama’s hand and Bill Clinton’s hand (for the second time in my life!), and both hand-shakes were rather thrilling.

PPPPS This wonderful band, The National, was inspired somewhat by my novel Wake Up, Sir!, and they have an excellent new album out called “Boxer”, which I highly recommend.