Netflix “Watch Instantly” Goes Unlimited

Hey, guess what? Your Netflix account just got better! About 11 months ago, Netflix started it’s “Watch Now” (as it then was called) program which let PC users stream movies from the Netflix catalog on their desktop. Previosly, the service was limited to 1 hour per dollar cost of your monthly subscription (so if you paid $10 a month, you got 10 ten hours of streaming). As of today, they just gave everyone unlimited access to the “Watch Instantly” service (as it is now called).

UPDATE: Contrary to what commenter “smarterthanyou” says, this post is in indeed true (though the service may not be available to all subscribers at this time). You can read more about it here.


  1. Smarterthanyou says:

    This is a false statement. As of today, 1.11.08, Netflix still only gives its viewers an allotted number of hours to watch from its “Watch instantly” program. Additionally they sometimes remove titles that are available there. I was watching Dexter the series yesterday, and today it is no longer available.

  2. bumpershine says:

    This is not a false statement. I got the email directly, and you can read more about it over here. Hacking Netflix seems to imply that it is still in test mode and may not be available to all customers (as of Oct ’07).

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