Joan Wasser and Special Guests at The Stone Tonight

You never know who’ll show up to a Joan Wasser gig, (Rufus Wainwright and Antony Hegarty have been known to drop by on occasion), so even if you’re not a fan, you may want to check out her show at The Stone tonight. She’ll be performing material under her own name (not as her more well known alter ego Joan As Police Woman). I’d go if I could.

1/31 Thursday 8 pm
Joan Wasser and special guests
Joan Wasser’s solo project is JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN but she will not be performing from this body of work tonight. She’ll be returning to playing music that has never been poured over while hunched at the piano or guitar. Otherwise, she’ll be improvising with some friends. Please come down and laugh with her as she tries to keep a straight face.