Elvis Costello: Momofuku Tracklist

David Chang's Momofuku

Elvis Costello’s “Momofuku” contains 12 new songs pressed on two LPs and includes codes for digital download of the album.

Momfuku Tracklist:
1. No Hiding Place
2. American Gangster Time
3. Turpentine
4. Harry Worth
5. Drum and Bone
6. Flutter and Wow
7. Stella Hurt
8. Mr. Feathers
9. My Three Sons
10. Song With Rose
11. Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve
12. Go Away


  1. KinkyKathy says:

    Don’t say “contains.” Say has. As in, “Elvis Costello’s record HAS twelve new songs…” Fewer syllables make all of us better. Your friendly, arrogant grammar-correcting church lady of the blogosphere,


  2. bumpershine says:

    Thanks for your very useful comment, next time I will copy and paste more carefully.

  3. Filutek says:

    Imagine how much better it would have been if ALL of the syllables in KinkyKathy’s comment had never been uttered. There is no reason to complain simply for the sake of complaining.

  4. Skittish says:

    As Filutek says “[t]here is no reason to complain simply for the sake of complaining,” I will try to complain complexly about KinkyKathy’s post.

    Why would someone claiming to be a “grammar-correcting church lady of the blogosphere” start a sentence with “as in,” when doing so makes the sentence ungrammatical? Is it because she complains about the number of syllables while typing “make all of us better” instead of “make us all better?” Had she not been “arrogant,” would she have noticed that “contains” should not have been replaced by “has” but rather by “will have” or “is expected to comprise?” I could go on to question whether the usage of “twelve new songs” can be considered correct, too, because I have already heard the rumored second track and thus do not consider it to be new, but I won’t.

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