Sony BMG To Offer Music Subscription Service?

Sony BMG

From one blog to another.

Sony BMG boss, Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, was just quoted in an interview saying that Sony BMG is “working on an online music subscription service.” The service would cost between €6 to €8 per month (about $9 to $12) when launching later in the year and provide full access to its entire music catalog. He goes on to say that customers could own “some songs” even after the subscription was canceled. Interesting on its own, right? Now the kicker: it will work “for all digital players, including Apple’s iPod.” That means DRM-free unless Apple agrees to license its FairPlay DRM… which it won’t. Hell, Sony BMG is already offering DRM-free MP3s to Amazon. If true, then the move could almost turn public sentiment positive in the wake of Sony BMG’s “rootkit” fiasco and its handling of the Jammie Thomas affair. Almost. [Engadget]