Flickr Video is Live!

Enslaved @ SXSW 2008 (HeadOvMetal)

Could Flickr video be the next YouTube? Nah. Not yet at least.

Some excerpts from the Flickr video FAQ below:

Is video available to everyone?

Only pro members can upload video content, but anyone can view it, provided they have permission.

Are there any upload limits?

No. If you’re a pro member, your account has unlimited bandwidth and storage space. This includes video content.

But! Individual video files must be smaller than 150MB in size. (That should be more than enough for 90 seconds worth of video.)

Can I upload my 3-hour-long wedding video?


We’ve instituted what might seem like an arbitrary time limit for video playback on Flickr: 90 seconds.

You can still upload a video that’s longer than 90 seconds, but only the first 90 seconds will play. [Flickr Video FAQ]