Hard Rock Park @ Myrtle Beach, SC

UPDATE: This amusement park is now called Freestyle Music Park.

This one kind of flew right under my radar, check out the park map and pics of the Led Zeppelin: The Ride below.

Hard Rock Park @ Myrtle Beach, SC
Hard Rock Park | Myrtle Beach, SC

Led Zeppelin: The Ride at Hard Rock Park
Led Zeppelin The Ride

Hard Rock Park is a 140-acre theme park, opening Spring 2008, with more than 40 attractions for rockers of all ages. The park includes roller coasters, shows, children’s play areas, restaurants, cafes, retail stores and a live music amphitheater.


Where is the park located?
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (off US 501, less than 3 miles from the beach)

When does Hard Rock Park open?
Dress rehearsal begins April 15, 2008, anticipate being fully open by May 9, 2008.

How large is the park?
55 acres

How much did it cost to build?
Approx $400 million

How many rides and attractions does it have?
Over 50 different rides and attractions

What is the ticket price?
$50 for rockers of all ages
Free for children under 3 years old
$150 for an Annual Pass
Please visit www.HardRockPark.com for updates