Bringing The Power Back: “The Electric Company” Returns

The Electric Company Season 6 Credits

I wonder if they’ll bring back the the live action “Spiderman” they used to do.

LOS ANGELES (AP) “” In an updated blast from the past, PBS will air a new version of the 1970s children’s series “The Electric Company.”

Production on the 21st century model of the PBS show for 6- to 9-year-olds was set to begin Tuesday on the streets of New York City and in a New Jersey studio, according to producer Sesame Workshop.

The series, aimed at reducing the literacy gap between low- and middle-income families, will promote the idea that “reading is cool” with help from online and community-based activities, Sesame Workshop said in an announcement Monday.

“The literacy crisis today is as pervasive and alarming as it was in 1971 when we created the first version of `The Electric Company,'” said Scott Cameron, director of education and research for Sesame Workshop (which is the nonprofit educational organization behind “Sesame Street”).

Weekly episodes of “The Electric Company” are scheduled to air nationally in January 2009 on PBS Kids. [Google/AP]

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  1. bill p says:

    Wonder if they’ll still shout “HEY YOU GUYS!” at the start.

    Now if they’d only bring back SchoolHouse Rock… Conjunction Junction, Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs… and the melancholy “Figure 8.”

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