Name That Tune Championship Tonight at UH | Mike Birbiglia on Sunday

Sara Schaefer
Name That Tune

Hey everyone, tonight (05/20) is the big Name That Tune Championship at Union Hall (with your lovely host Sara Schaefer). I hope you’ve been boning up on your late 90’s MTV pop song lyrics, because in the end, knowing every song on Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits will only get you so far. So come one, come all, it’s free and there will be BIG prizes!

Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia and the flash photo that killed him.

Also, on this coming Sunday night (05/25) the regular Tearing The Veil of Maya show is on hiatus but the multi-talented Mike Birbiglia will be keeping the funny alive with his very own solo show. Tickets for that show are available now on Ticketweb ($7).