Albert Hammond Jr. Played The Mercury Lounge, Playing Hiro Tonight

Albert Hammond Jr. at the Mercury Lounge (07/01/08)
Albert Hammond Jr.
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Last week, (or decades ago in blog time), Albert Hammond Jr. played an invite only show at the Mercury Lounge and I thought he put on a pretty impressive show for those of us that were lucky enough to attend. To these ears, his sound is more or less The Strokes redux, and for me, that’s not really a bad thing at all. The five piece band he put together for this gig, (with no less than three guitars), delivered a straight ahead rock’n roll set with more than its fair share of catchy hooks. Upon listening to ¿Como Te Llama?, I was actually a little surprised at how much studio trickery Hammond employs on the record, of which, we hear very little when the songs are played live (once again, not necessarily a bad thing). I think the first single of the new record, “Gfc”, is actually a standout track, check out the new video for it over here. (Jonny Leather was at this show too and he waxed philosophical about Albert’s leather jacket over here.)

Oh yeah, Albert is playing a semi-private show at the Hiro Ballroom tonight (July 9). GBH is giving away 200 tickets over here.