Frank Bango Benefit w/ Nada Surf, Dean & Britta, Sam Champion, Richard Buckner and More

Frank Bango - The Sweet Songs of Decay  August 26, 2008
Frank Bango Bone Marrowthon with:
Nada Surf (acoustic), Dean & Britta, Richard Buckner, Sam Champion and special guests

Bowery Ballroom, Doors 7pm 18+
New York, NY
Tickets on sale 07/17 12:00 pm

I just noticed this show pop up on the Bowery Ballroom’s website and the lineup caught my eye because it looks just like Jack McFadden‘s dream bill. Closer inspection reveals that the event is a benefit for the musician Frank Bango who was recently diagnosed with cancer and no doubt has many friends in the New York music scene.

I wasn’t really familiar with Frank Bango‘s music before writing this post, so I cribbed this paragraph from the good people at Obscure Sound:

The one-sheet’s praise for Bango as producing “some of the best and most original pop music that almost no one has ever heard” initially appeared as a hyperbole to me, but The Sweet of Songs of Decay proves to make the statement startlingly accurate. When Bango began the writing process for the album, he had a vision to create an adult’s album for children. As he looks back though, it has turned out to be more accurately demonstrative of a children’s album for adults. In a bit of a role reversal, this can be gathered rather humorously from the album cover, a striking image that depicts Bango sitting down with a deadpan state next to someone dressed in an Easter bunny’s suit. The central meaning of The Sweet Songs of Decay, however, is more emotional than it is humorous. Bango was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer the day after the album was mastered and the albm’s theme appropriately coincides with Bango’s belief that everyone – regardless of health – should value each passing day as if it were their last. It is a mentality that is commendably bittersweet, and though his cancer was diagnosed after the album’s completion, the ideology that he displays should leave fans to believe that Bango will continue to make music for quite some time. It is clearly a love of his and he does it extraordinarily well, meaning that we should perhaps expect another album by 2012. [Obscure Sound]