The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Is Coming!

Eugene Mirman at Union Hall (02/17/08)
Eugene Mirman at Union Hall

Hey everyone, big comedy news! The First Annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is coming to Brooklyn (Union Hall and The Bell House) on September 25-28, 2008. Guests will include many Invite Them Up and Tearing the Veil of Maya regulars (such as Showalter, Mirman, Tisdale, Benjamin, Barry, Galifianakis, Birbiglia, Oliver and Schaal) and a bunch of folks we haven’t seen in Brooklyn before like Jason and Randy Sklar. Check out the schedule below and this article in Time Out NY for more information.

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival: Sept 25-28
09/25 2008 8:00PM The Bell House (Opening Night Awards Gala) Brooklyn NY
09/26 2008 9:00PM The Bell House (Invite Them Up) Brooklyn NY
09/26/08 7:00PM Union Hall (Eugene Mirman’s Fresh Faces of Comedy) Brooklyn NY
09/26/08 5:00PM Union Hall (One of Each) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 2:00PM The Bell House (Apartment 2F Reunion) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 9:00PM The Bell House (The Very Best Supporting Television Cast Members Live) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 5:00PM Union Hall (Eugene Mirman’s Fresh Faces of Comedy) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 7:00PM Union Hall (Jon Benjamin Presents the Failed Pilots of Sam Seder) Brooklyn NY
09/28/08 6:00PM The Bell House (The Shac) Brooklyn NY
09/28/08 9:00PM The Bell House (Tearing The Veil of Maya) Brooklyn NY

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    Do you happen to know if the Bell House is 21+?

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