CMJ Night 1: Where Were You Last Night?

Cloud Cult at The Knitting Factory (10/21/08)
Cloud Cult at The Knitting Factory
CMJ Tuesday: October 21, 2008

Q: Where were you last night?
A: After The Jump Bloggers Respond Below.
The Knitting Factory: Stunt Company Showcase w/ Paramount Styles, Cloud Cult (More Photos Coming!)

Dave says:
I missed the V Magazine party, so I decided to go straight to The Knit.

Battering Room
I worked until 8 and went home and slept. hurray.

The Music Slut
Bowery Ballroom: Lykke Li, Friendly Fires
Piano’s: The Music Slut CMJ Showcase (Day Party)

The Modern Age
Tribeca Grand: V magazine party w/ Hayes Peebles, Lykke Li, and Lissy Trullie
The Delancey: The Ettes
CMJ Night 1 Photos from miss modernage

Jed from MyOpenBar
The Annex: Apache Beat (let me down)
Fat Baby: Miniature Tigers (excellent band from Arizona playing thier first nyc show ever. They brought it. The crowd demanded an encore which the band ripped through after telling the sound guy to fuck himself after he said ‘no more’.
Club Rehab: Wild Sweet Orange (simply excellent, a must see band)

Tribeca Grand: V Magazine Party for Lissy Trullie
The Annex: 2 Violens songs
My friends apartment for a birthday party, so much better than CMJ.

Punk Photo
Tribeca Grand: V Party for Lissy Trullie
The Annex: Violens and Amazing Baby
The Studio at Webster Hall: party for Gang Gang Dance

The Red Bull Space: Cheeseburger and Vivian Girls

Jin says:
Quote from Ian Wheeler of the night… “beer has to stay in the cup”
okaaaaaaay, what?

I Rock, I Roll
Tribeca Grand: V Magazine Party for Lykke Li
The Red Bull Space: Cheeseburger and Vivian girls
Happy Endings for… who knows

Nora says:
I heard The Annex smelled real bad?
Generation Records: …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Red Bull Space: Cheeseburger (I just got really hungry typing that)
Bowery Ballroom: Friendly Fires, Lykke Li

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted
Pat says:
Spent the day at my very own day show! Women killed it, only 12 more chances to see them this week! Went to catch some Kiwi action at The Delancey courtesy of Rhys Darby (Murray, from Flight of the Conchords) and The Naked and Famous. It was as hot as New Zealand in there so I booked it over to Red Bull/KCRW space for Wild Light (meh), Cheeseburger (they’re messy), and Vivian Girls (could somebody in the crowd please encourage these girls to show some oomph in their set???). Then went to the debacle that was the Stereogum after party at Webster without seeing a single band!

Bryan (aka the busiest man at CMJ – ed.) says:
Pianos for Holy Moly, the Shackeltons, Au, and Emmy the Great, with a quick stop into Pat’s show at Cake Shop for the Secret Life of Sofia (yes, I really did break my boycott and go in there, oh well). Then Marnie Stern studio performance at WNYU before listening to random people play around with the Korg gear at Red Bull Space while enjoying tacos and beer and trying to steal Tigers. The Serious Business showcase at Pianos (of course) where I saw Benji Cossa, Rocketship Park, Two Man Gentlemen Band, (missed Higgins), Unsacred Hearts, Looker, the Octagon, and the Homosexuals. In there somehow I managed to run to Rehab to catch half of Tim Williams and Mason Proper’s sets. then I ended the night at the Stereogum party at the Studio at Webster Hall where I saw Ponytail, Marnie Stern (much sleepier this time), and finally Crystal Stilts.