U2: Still Making Money In The Music Industry

U2: Under A Blood Red Sky

The financial details of U2‘s mega-deal with Live Nation became public this week after an SEC filing.

U2 will receive an estimated $19 million (11 million pounds) worth of Live Nation shares as part of a 12-year deal the rock band signed with the concert promotion company earlier this year.

The agreement between U2 and Live Nation, announced in March, includes worldwide touring, merchandising, and the band’s U2.com Web site. The deal, however, is not a true “360-degree pact” of the sort signed by Madonna, Jay-Z and Shakira, as there is no publishing component and the band retains its relationship with Universal Music to release music. [Reuters UK]

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  1. Jennifer White says:

    I think it is time to invest in Live Nation, soon as job loss rate goes down a little more and economy picks up more momentum, will have to see…I guess this is the “new” record company??? U2 is smart for retaining relationship with Universal music.

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