CMJ Night 2: Where Were You Last Night?

After The Jump Showcase at The Knitting Factory (10/22/08) After The Jump Showcase at The Knitting Factory (10/22/08) Photo: Bryan Bruchman

Q: Where were you last night (October 22)?
A: After The Jump Bloggers Respond Below.

Dave says:
The Whitsundays (from Alberta) at The Village Underground, then off to the Knitting Factory for Motel Motel, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Alina Simone. I tried to call it an early night, but I still got home after 1am.

Battering Room

Chris says:
CMJ finally begins for me around 10:00pm. HURRAY!

See at least one song by – Bad Veins, The Lisps, Motel Motel, My Teenage Stride, A Sunny Day In Glasgow (very good), Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Crystal Antlers (didn’t like them as much as I thought I would), The Muggabears (love love love), and Juvelen (out of control). I might have seen Heloise and Ringo too.

Then there was a crazy car ride over to Ludlow, and a random stop at Cake Shop for The Browns and The Muslims. I immediately understood why The Muslims are playing every show @ CMJ.

I Rock, I Roll

Nora says:
Knitting Factory (After the Jump showcase): Depreciation Guild – MY NEW FAVORITE BAND, LOVE THEM, Pains of Being Pure At Heart – awesome, My Teenage Stride – not that into them, singer had a porn stache, JUVELEN – omg so crazy, I wish more people had been there to see him. Then I think I saw the muslims at cake shop and would probably have liked them a lot more if I hadn’t been so tired.

Jin says:
I was at Union Hall and saw Willard Grant Conspiracy, Chris Brokaw (of the New Year) and Vitamin-D. It was a pretty mellow evening, and I was really into the gorgeous, gentle trumpeting in Vitamin-D, actually.

The Modern Age miss modernage says: MHOW for Nickel Eye (Nikolai Fraiture from The Strokes): Link
Knitting Factory (After the Jump showcase): Bad Veins, Motel Motel, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Crystal Antlers, Alina Simone, Heloise and the Savoir Faire

Bryan says:
Yesterday was pretty calm, maybe because i didn’t go outside until 5pm. Pianos (Earfarm Party): Takka Taka Knitting Factory (After the Jump showcase): I saw everybody except passion pit, heloise, a sunny day in glasgow, motel motel, and crystal antlers. Then I saw some boring band I didn’t like and then The Muslims (who I really enjoyed) at Cake Shop. Yes, I went there again.

Cameron says:
Went and saw Pattern is Movement at the Gothamist day party at Bell House. The singer’s beard is getting more and more majestic with each show…

The went home and made pasta. Made it to Knit in time for the last Sunny Day In Glasgow song, which was amazing, then stuck around for Pains, which was possibly the loudest and most punk rock show I’ve seen them play so far. Probably because I assume Kip was drunk.

Then walked across the street to Tribeca Grand in time to see Little Boots play her first-ever American show, which was pretty good, even though she had to cut it short due to a head cold aftering pulling a MacGyver and substituting the memory card from her malfunctioning Tenori-On with the one from her camera. Then Friendly Fires went on about an hour later, put on a decent set but all eyes were on the hotel director, whose wrath was clearly visible as the FF singer kept busting lightbulbs in the very low-hanging chadeliers with his microphone…

Abbey says:
Ditto for me (from Cameron) but started off w/ Bad Veins then Motel Motel then Sunny Day in Glasgow

Jed from My Open Bar

Jed says:
Rumble Strips & Women at Red Bull Space The Lisps, Motel Motel, Bad Veins, Unicycle Loves You at After The Jump Love As Laughter & Wild Sweet Orange at Bowery Ballroom The Carps & Ebony Bones at 205 Chrystie

Merry Swankster

Jeff says:
Knitting Factory Tap Bar, all night. A Sunny Day in Glasgow put on the best show I’ve ever seen them play, but everyone was great.


Jeremiah says:
I was at the After The Jump showcase, where I caught some of last minute fill in, That Fleeting World, who were impressive. I then finally saw My Teenage Stride for the first time (ridiculous I know), who more than lived up to the hype. Alina Simone sounded gorgeous as always. And the Muggabears pleasantly made me a little more deaf with a set that consisted almost entirely of new songs – really f***ing good stuff that leaves me really wanting that new album they casually mentioned they’ve been working on.

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

Pat says:
Late as always….Fader Fort to see the iPod commercial song, Knit for the dirty bands The Beets, The End of the World, and Best Friends, Red Bull Space for red bull & vodka and Takka Takka, (le)poisson rouge for the carpark/paw tracks showcase, Dent May & His Magnificent Ukuelele were amazing!, then Cake Shop for The Browns and The Muslims!