CMJ Night 3: Where Were You Last Night?

On The Moon Music Party (10/23/08)
On The Moon Music Party (10/23/08)
Photo: Jinners

Q: Where were you last night (October 23)?
A: After The Jump Bloggers Respond Below.

Dave says:
At home watching Thursday night TV and uploading pictures.

Jin says:
I was at my On the Moon Music party at Death By Audio. So was Britt Daniel! I saw 12 bands on two stages. All of the bands were rad and there was a ridiculous overflow of Colt 45! I was mopping and picking up beer cans until 6am. (Photos)

The Music Slut

Matt says:
CMJ 2008: Matt’s Best Of Day 3 (Part 1)
Bearsuit, Japanese Motors, Friendly Fires, Bridges & Powerlines, Phosphorescent (Link)

CMJ 2008: Matt’s Best Of Day 3 (Part 2)
Shad, White Lies, Wye Oak, Sharon Van Etten, Sebastien Grainger (Link)
[How was Shad? – ed.]

The Modern Age

miss modernage says:
Last night I checked out Blind Pilot and the Muslims at Mercury Lounge, then headed to Bowery Ballroom to see Scouting for Girls and The Delays. (Link)

Cameron says:
I saw Little Boots at the Annex (much better set than at Tribeca, “Stuck on Repeat” set the house on fire, and by “house” I mean me and the girl who was dancing next to me. Wake the fuck up people) and then went to get hammered with some friends and some random party, lost track of time and missed Delays at Bowery (even though I’m the only one who cares…) so I just went home to get some sleep. Fail!

Also PS: I love that everyone is into Bearsuit now, I love them but never thought they’d do anything or go anywhere as they’ve been under the radar for aaagggeeeeeeessss. Who’s next, Hyper Kinako? [Who? -ed.]

Abbey says:
Kicked it off at MHOW for the Rhapsody Party- Jay Reatard, the Dutchess and the Duke, King Khan and BBQ Show, and Mission of Burma. Then to the Studio (at Webster Hall, that name is dangerously generic) for Amazing Baby, JAPANESE MOTORS (where the singer dangled from the ceiling, but I swear there was nothing to really hold on to, i got video and photos!!!) and then SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT at 3:30 AM in the ‘Marlon Room’ at Webster Hall. Not sure how many kids knew it was going on, but holy sh*t. The stage was the perfect width for their 8 billion korgs side by side. J’adore Edmonton!!!!

Bryan says:
Started with brooklynvegan show. saw a bunch of the bands that played but The Muslims are the only one I was crazy about. Wye Oak were really good too though. went to the Red Bull Space where I improvised with Poingly on some bad electronica music with the fancy Korg equipment. got ice cream. went to fader and I think Passion Pit was playing but I didn’t feel like fighting the crowd to see. back to do the nyc taper show where I saw Sharon Van Etten and BEARSUIT, who are the best band in the universe (I’m seeing them again today at 4pm at the Seaport space then tomorrow they play the ATJ “bbq”). Later at Pianos was Bell, Au, Cause Co-Motion, Crystal Stilts, and Tobacco. Then Friction late night at Cake Shop (yup, three nights in a row) where Crystal Antlers killed it (though I still prefer Crystal Stilts) and then Best Fwends gave me nightmares, so I left. Sad news of the day: my flash sync chord broke! damn. (Photos)

PS And also Skeletonbreath and Charles Burst at the Ernest Jenning show somewhere around Au.

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

Pat says:
Ditto, minus a couple!

Ryan says:
Late start last night. I saw Freezepop play at the Indaba Music party around 11. They played “Brainpower” on expert and scored themselves a 92. It doesn’t get much dorkier than songs about science played on two keytars. Then I went to Mercury to see Pela and Jukebox The Ghost. I know CMJ is all about hearing bands you haven’t already seen a thousand times before, but I couldn’t miss those two back to back. I thought Japanese Motors were pretty bad but I’ll give props to the singer for dangling from the sprinkler pipe. I really wish I had stayed for Shout Out Out Out Out but I called it a night. Le sigh.

Battering Room

Chris says:
Pick up badge and then straight to Pianos. Saw some of Sebastian G (Ehh). Loved Wye Oak. Had dinner during Phosphorescent. Over to Fader for Tobacco (interesting), Friendly Fires (VERY GOOD), one song by Death Vessel and then off to The Annex. Little Boots TOOK FUCKING FOREVER to get set up, but when they finally started playing, I liked them. She’s no Katy Perry (swoon), but she’s also kinda sexy. First time seeing Passion Pit and I liked not loved them. Need to see them again I think. Then to Mercury for Pela who NEVER disappoint. I don’t get why they are not HUGE. Jukebox were tight as a drum but looked tired. Woke up with one of their songs in my head this morning (afternoon?). Get some rest boys, three more shows today. Then tried to get into HIFI (a line? really?) before going over to Studio where I saw that Japanese Motors guy hang from that sprinkler pipe. Would have been amazing if the pipe had broke. The End.