I’m On PerfSpot.com


Perfspot.com has an Alexa traffic rank of: 120
(Yeah, I never heard of it either.)

What makes PerfSpot unique?
We have a very open site. We have over 220 million videos with 400 different video partners and millions of user-uploaded pictures that visitors can view without being logged in. We also have a comprehensive moderator team based in the U.S. and the Philippines that screens through up to a million pictures on a daily basis and deletes any type of pornography, any type of copyright material, etc. So, we feel we have a very healthy and safe community.

You may be the largest, most unheard of social network out there. Is the press missing something?
We’ve taken a different tack and kind of stayed away from the press, for now. We don’t have a PR budget, we’re not venture backed, and we’re not in the Silicon Valley, so we tend to be forgotten by that tight-knit community. We simply want to offer a service to our members that gets better every day, every week. Eventually we’ll be able to penetrate more of the U.S. market and maybe get a little more attention, but for now we’re just concentrating on creating a safe global community. [Social Networking Watch]