Zipper Factory Theater Is Closed

The Lisps’ Futurity at The Zipper Theater
The Lisps' Futurity at The Zipper Factory
Photo: Ear Farm

If you caught The Lisps’ Futurity at the The Zipper Factory this past weekend, consider yourself lucky for two reasons, 1) because it was supposedly awesome, and 2) you were pretty much one of the last people to set foot in the Zipper. The Zipper Factory closed its doors for good on January 13, 2009.

The Zipper Factory, the funky midtown Manhattan space that offered edgy plays, pop and rock musicals, concerts, comedy and more, has closed its doors, owner Lee Z. Davis announced on Jan. 14. No other explanation was given.

Owner and proprietor Davis announced that the last day of business for the venue and its adjoining tavern was Jan. 13.

All advance tickets for shows scheduled at The Zipper Factory Theater will be refunded. []