New Flight of The Conchords Songs on iTunes, New Album Coming in April

FPTC - Angels  Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords premiered last night (Jan 18) on HBO and today you can purchase a new single from the episode called “Angels” over at the iTunes Store. The single is part of a new 10 week promotion from Sub Pop called, “See It on Sunday, Buy It on Monday (Please)”. At the end of the promotion, a new FOTC album will be released containing all the singles and more, view the details below:

The entire new Flight of the Conchords album will be released on April 14th. It will include all ten of the songs released through iTunes, plus several more (probably 15 or so tracks total). It will also include an album title, some (we’re confident) very nice and very palpable artwork, and either a large shiny black disc, or a smallish silvery one, depending. On the album’s release date, if you’ve bought some or all of the songs throughout the season on iTunes, you’ll have the option to “Complete the Album” through iTunes, and won’t have to repurchase anything. You could also just buy the complete album from us on or after April 14th. We view that option favorably as well. [Sub Pop]